Who’s Backing Bassam?

Real people from across Ealing North; real support for the Back Bassam campaign!

This constituency has to have a candidate rooted deeply in our community and someone with local knowledge and credibility. That person is Bassam Mahfouz.

Bassam came here as a child and has spent all his life since then in Northolt and Greenford from schooldays to being elected as a councillor in 2005.  Bassam worked with me in the 1997 general election as a schoolboy and has never stopped being an utterly committed activist and a real strong voice for Ealing North.

In my opinion there is no-one who could better represent this constituency and he has my wholehearted and unequivocal endorsement and support.

I would be proud if it was Ealing North that elected the first ever Arab origin Labour MP and I would be delighted if that MP were to be my good friend and loyal comrade, Cllr. Bassam Mahfouz.

I hold Bassam Mahfouz in very high regard. As Chair of Governors for 10 years at Mandeville School, Bassam’s clear leadership and direction, coupled with his commitment to ensuring that pupils with severe and profound learning difficulties and autism received a high quality education, was integral to Mandeville’s success. During his time as Chair, Mandeville was able to secure funding for a new school building after lobbying government and became an Outstanding school.

Bassam’s passion for supporting those with disabilities has been evident in his successful campaigns for better accessibility at our stations in Greenford and soon at Northolt. Bassam is an excellent communicater at all levels and a true advocate for the community.

Denise Feasey, Headteacher, Mandeville School

I’m backing Bassam because he is the only candidate who can truly represent the whole constituency from the Islip Manor estate in Northolt to the Brentham estate in Pitshanger. He has grown up here and cares passionately for the people and the place like nobody else I know.

Babs Winter,
Deputy Chair, Islip Manor Community Centre

Bassam is effective, reliable and approachable. One of his greatest traits is his ability to empathise with friends and strangers alike. He always goes the extra mile… usually on his bike! Bassam would make a fantastic MP for Ealing North where he knows the people and has already made a positive impact on the community.

Vida Amofa, St. Raphael’s RC School

We need an MP like Bassam who represents ALL of us. We need someone who is visible around the borough and who we can actually speak to and will listen to us. Someone who will make a difference and change things for the better. Bassam is the right person for the job. He is approachable, can-do and such a hard worker!

Isabella Jallali, West Ealing

Bassam is a genuine, articulate and thoughtful person who cares about making a difference to the local community he has lived in his whole life. I’m backing Bassam to be the next MP for Ealing North as at a time of political uncertainty in Westminster, we need a candidate who truly understands the concerns of the local community and can advocate strongly on their behalf.

Helen McCartan, Hanwell

Having known Bassam for over 12 years ago whilst working with the young people in the community, I have seen how he works hard for the area, makes improvements.  Bassam is friendly, open and accessible, someone who I feel able to trust and who I have worked in partnership with to make a difference locally.

Bassam works hard, communicates well, is always quick to respond to correspondence; positive as well as challenging and he has shown he is keen and able to get things done. He is passionate for our local community, and has shown a great commitment in his years as local Councillor to Northolt and to the Borough.

Chris Hill

Having known Bassam for over 20 years, he has always shown himself to be a committed member and ambassador of the Labour Party, showing passionate commitment towards his constituents and to the residents of Ealing North. He is always willing to help those most in need. He is a 7-day a week councillor with a track record for making a positive difference and I can think of no better person to represent our constituency as a local candidate.

Al’adin Maherali, Cleveland

Bassam is a fighter, he never backs down when it comes to making his local community a great place to live. From being a champion of the most vulnerable to taking on the establishment, he won’t give up till he’s changed things for the better. Let’s send Bassam to Westminster so he can use that courage and tenacity to stand up for Ealing North in parliament.

Cllr Deirdre Costigan

Bassam is very hard working and has helped many residents. He has shown great leadership in delivering many valued policies and projects in the borough.

Bassam is well respected the local Labour party and in the community. He and his family live, work and go to schools in our local area. He understands the key issues facing the people he serves, identifies solutions and ably represents them.

Bassam is the best person to represent Labour party values and to serve as our new Member of Parliament for Ealing North.

Cllr Anthony Kelly

The first campaign session I ever went on was led by Bassam back in 2005 in Northolt, and his commitment to listening to residents was evident.

What I have since learnt from fourteen years of working alongside Bassam is that he is a passionate campaigner on issues that impact on Ealing North such as the NHS and the environment.   He is also an impressive hard worker who connects with people across our community.

Cllr Miriam Rice

As an Ealing North councillor and long term Labour activist I am delighted to endorse and support my good friend Bassam Mahfouz.

Ealing North has to be represented in Parliament by someone who knows our communities well and Bassam,as someone who has lived in the constituency since he was four years old and who was educated here, works here and lives here. He is the local choice for Ealing North and the person best placed to win for Labour in what will be a very difficult General Election.

I know Bassam as a fellow councillor and as a community activist who knows the area far better than any of the other candidates seeking nomination. He’s got my vote.

Cllr Tariq Mahmood

Given the crisis this country is in, we need someone like Bassam to represent us in Parliament. He is energetic, hardworking, knowledgeable and more over an honest person. His years of experience show the significant positive change he can bring about.

Mathai Jose, Tresurer, Greenford Green BLP

Having known Bassam for over 20 years since he became a governor and then Chair at Mandeville School where I have seen how dedicated and hard working he was, working tirelessly to ensure that some of the most vulnerable children in our borough had a school and resources that provided them with the best possible education. He was pivotal in securing funding to build a new, purpose built school based in Greenford which opened in 2008 and guided the staff, school, parents and families through that period and onto achieving Outstanding status.

As a Labour Party member, and an Ealing resident, I am also aware how hard Bassam works as a local councillor. His dedication and commitment to his constituents is clear for all to see. He understands the needs of local people and is able to speak from the heart about things that matter to those living within Ealing borough.

Val Johnston, Unison

Bassam really cares about local people. He not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. He is very up front and honest: if he makes a promise, then he’ll deliver on it. It is clear as you look around Ealing North just how much he’s done. He never gives up on a problem until he’s got the result we need.

Carol Hill, former librarian at Northolt Library

Bassam really gets involved in the local community. He is President of our local Scouts group and whenever there is an issue, no matter how large or small, he gets on it. He is very visible, approachable and kind. His passion for the community and ability to get things done is exactly the sort of combination we need for Ealing North.

Monica Smith, Chair of Northolt West End SNT Panel
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