Key Achievements

Most progressive Council Tax support scheme in London

As Finance Lead at Ealing, I introduced our the most progressive council tax support scheme in London and funded charities and the voluntary sector to support the most vulnerable during COVID

Lifted hundreds of workers from low pay to London Living Wage

Hundreds of crucial front line workers from street sweepers to social workers were lifted from low to pay to the real London Living Wage under my watch

Lifts for Greenford and Hanwell stations

I took on Boris Johnson and won lifts for Greenford and Hanwell stations when he had said it wasn’t possible.

Got HS2 tunnelled through Ealing

I stood up to Tory ministers to ensure HS2 was tunnelled through Ealing

Record recycling rates in West London

As Environment lead, Ealing hit record recycling rates and became west London’s best recycling borough

No waste from Ealing or Hillingdon sent to landfill

As Chair of the West London Waste Authority, I ensured none of Ealing and Hillingdon’s waste is sent to landfill

Back Bassam