About Bassam


Bassam has lived in Northolt since the age of four, after his family moved to the UK from Lebanon to escape the civil war. Bassam’s late mother arrived here not speaking English, but became an English teacher for refugees and new arrivals and set up a dual-language Saturday school at Northolt’s Islip Manor Community Centre.  His father was a writer and journalist. Both gave Bassam the passion and drive to ensure he delivers on his promises.

His drive and passion

Bassam with his parents and two sisters in Northolt where he grew up

Bassam says, “I saw the struggle that those incapacitated in wheelchairs face travelling around the city when my mum was diagnosed with cancer.  That experience and passion led me to take on Boris Johnson and win a long awaited lift for Greenford Station. Since that time, I have gone on to fight and win lifts for Northolt and Hanwell too.”

“I got into politics aged 19 as a street rep on the Northolt Village Residents Association.  My elderly neighbours asked for my help because they felt that they took their lives into their hands every time they crossed the road.  I led a petition and secured political support and funding to get a formal crossing. Since then, I have fought on behalf of vulnerable residents to deliver safer crossings in Greenford, Hanwell, West Ealing, Perivale and elsewhere, as well as reducing the speed limits across the borough.”

Lives locally, acts locally

Bassam is heavily involved in the local community – here with his family

Bassam continues to be heavily involved in the community that he has lived in for over 35 years.  Whether it’s as a local Scouting leader, playing an active role in the activities of the local school his son attends or as a school governor at his own childhood school of St. Raphael’s.

Delivering for social housing residents across the UK

In his day job, Bassam is head of Social Inclusion for a large social housing provider, where he uses that passion and drive to get hundreds of residents into employment, start their own businesses, develop their digital skills, improve their health and well-being and gain access to advice and advocacy services every year.

Delivering at London and National levels

Bassam speaking to the BBC about getting the government to tunnel HS2 through the borough.

“Since being elected as a Councillor for Northolt West End and being a cabinet member on Ealing Council, I have brought about significant change in the area. In addition to the lifts that I have delivered and secured against the odds, I also fought the government on HS2 and successfully secured it being tunnelled through Ealing North. I made Ealing the second best recycling borough in London, am a lead member of the Mayor of London’s Recycling Board (LWARB) and introduced life-saving technology onto Ealing’s large vehicle fleet to protect cyclists and pedestrians.”

And outside of politics…

Bassam – “Sprinting for Stef” at last year’s Ealing Half Marathon

Bassam is married to Izabela and they have two sons. He is a Liverpool fan and enjoys running as well as cycling. In 2015 for his 35th birthday, he raised funds for The Log Cabin for children with special and additional needs, with a 500km cycle ride and more recently he ran the Ealing Half Marathon to raise money for the family of one of his former colleagues who lost her life to cancer. This year Bassam will be running to raise funds for Ealing Food Bank.

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