Steve Pound backs Bassam

This constituency has to have a candidate rooted deeply in our community and someone with local knowledge and credibility. That person is Bassam Mahfouz.

Bassam came here as a child and has spent all his life since then in Northolt and Greenford from schooldays to being elected as a councillor in 2005.  Bassam worked with me in the 1997 general election as a schoolboy and has never stopped being an utterly committed activist and a real strong voice for Ealing North.

In my opinion there is no-one who could better represent this constituency and he has my wholehearted and unequivocal endorsement and support.

I would be proud if it was Ealing North that elected the first ever Arab origin Labour MP and I would be delighted if that MP were to be my good friend and loyal comrade, Cllr. Bassam Mahfouz.

Steve Pound MP

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