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Bassam Mahfouz
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Why I'm Standing

Born in Beirut, I came to Northolt at the age of four, leaving the Civil War behind. My mother came over speaking no English, and through determination and enterprise, studied and eventually became an ESOL teacher to new arrivals across west London.

Growing up locally, I saw so much kindness and made great friends, but like too many new arrivals, we weren’t welcomed by everyone.  It was when I saw the far right campaigning and their flyers drop on the doormat that I knew I had to be a voice against such intolerance.

I spent my childhood across Northolt, Hayes and Yeading, whether it was school, church, scouts or football.  And spent many weekends in Uxbridge shopping centre, at Ruislip Lido, or watching Hayes FC!

In every role I have taken on, I’ve stood up and delivered positive change: seeing my mum battle with cancer meant standing up to save Ealing hospital from closure was all the more important and I understood the difference winning accessibility improvements at local stations would mean for thousands of local people.  I’ve made sure those on the lowest incomes received the most support; championed the London Living Wage for our lowest paid staff or making sure none of Ealing or Hillingdon’s waste is sent to landfill.

Alongside being a leading Cabinet member for over a decade, I run a refugee charity that supported over 1,500 people last year alone.

Why Bassam

I care passionately about the area I have grown up in, got married in, raise my children in; the place I call home.

I have spent my adult life being a strong voice and standing up for those I represent to deliver real, meaningful change that makes a difference to the lives of those I call my neighbours and friends and who feel like they do not have their voices heard.

I have the breadth and depth of experience alongside my energy and empathy to engage with local people on the topics that matter to them and be a vehicle for the change that people are so desperate to see.

Key Achievements

Key Achievements

Most progressive Council Tax support scheme in London

As Finance Lead at Ealing, I introduced the most progressive council tax support scheme in London and funded charities and the voluntary sector to support the most vulnerable during COVID

Lifted hundreds of workers from low pay to London Living Wage

Hundreds of crucial front line workers from street sweepers to social workers were lifted from low to pay to the real London Living Wage under my watch

Lifts for Greenford and Hanwell stations

I took on Boris Johnson and won lifts for Greenford and Hanwell stations when he had said it wasn’t possible.

Got HS2 tunnelled through Ealing

I stood up to Tory ministers to ensure HS2 was tunnelled through Ealing

Record recycling rates in West London

As Environment lead, Ealing hit record recycling rates and became west London’s best recycling borough

No waste from Ealing or Hillingdon sent to landfill

As Chair of the West London Waste Authority, I ensured none of Ealing and Hillingdon’s waste is sent to landfill

My Promise to Members


I will be honest and open about the decisions I make and be a straight-talking, non-nonsense kind of politician, who listens to the people I represent.


I will attend CLP and local affiliates meetings across both boroughs and continue to be a responsive and proactive elected representative who will be there for you.


I won’t duck the hard choices. I will engage regularly with members and residents alike to ensure I’m a listening member of the London Assembly and an effective strong local voice for Ealing and Hillingdon

Who's Backing Bassam

Bassam's Priorities

The cost of basics and bills are skyrocketing, hitting every family and increasing in-work poverty. As an Assembly Member I will continue my work to promote the London Living Wage with employers and work with charities such as Trust for London to establish a new standard for businesses and encourage employers to sign up.

Londoners need an effective police service they can trust. A return to more community policing is part of the answer.  Police who build trust and seek understanding with the people that live in the areas they patrol. The Met must be held to account to rebuild trust in policing so that everyone, especially women and minority groups across the capital feel safe in our communities.

Our whole housing system is broken, broken by the Tories. Renters are forced to pay high rents for substandard homes, whilst mortgage holders face unaffordable interest rates and first time buyers struggle to gather a deposit. I will support building more genuinely affordable homes across our city and specific support for those in private rented accommodation, including the introduction of rent controls.

The NHS is crumbling under the Tories – record waiting lists, unsustainable vacancies, a crisis in mental health and failing social care. We deserve a National Health Service that’s there when we and our loved ones need it, not when we can afford it.  I will champion our NHS; working with a new government to secure appropriate funding and pledges for patients as well as staff, including funding for more mental health support in schools and assessments.

London is one of the only major cities in the world that doesn’t have a subsidised public transport network. I have championed accessibility on our transport network and safer streets for all: we must ensure that public transport and other modes of greener transport are viable alternatives and that our streets are safe for all road users. I will also continue to champion our invaluable green spaces.